Orbbec Astra Pro


25,000.00 (inc. GST)

Product Highlights

  • General purpose 3D camera
  • Longer sensing range
  • Alternative for Xtion/Kinect/Carmine 1.08
  • Fully compatible with OpenNI
  • Official ROS-package
Product information

This ROS real-sensing depth camera comes with a color camera(RGB), IR camera, infrared projector, and depth processor. With dozens of functions such as face recognition, gesture recognition, human skeleton recognition, 3D measurement, environment perception, 3D mapping navigation, etc., it can be widely used in TV, mobile phone, robot, drone, VR/AR, smart home and other fields. We specially designed an extension bracket for it, which is convenient for users to install it on various ROS robots or smart cars.

DTOF Ranging Method

Thanks to the DTOF (Direct Time-of-Flight) technology developed by SLAMTEC, RPLIDAR S2 guarantees consistent ranging resolution. Even in longer distance, the resolution always keeps the same. Also, DTOF allows RPLIDAR S2 to detect almost ANY thing with different material types, no matter a darker object, a high reflective mirror, or even transparent glass.

30 Meters Range Radius

The ranging distance radius of RPLIDAR S2 is up to 30 meters, which meets the high demand requirements of robotic navigation applications in commercial scenarios, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and office buildings etc,.

32000 Times per Second sample rate

RPLIDAR S2 improves the internal optical design and measurements system to achieve the sample rate up to 32000 times, that make more environmental details to be retrieved during the mapping and navigation process.

Resistance to Strong Sunlight, Workable in both Indoor and Outdoor

RPLIDAR S2 has a stable ranging andhigh-resolution mapping performance in indoor and outdoor environment , even in 80Klux strong sunlight interference.

Excellent ranging accuracy

For objects with different reflectivity, such as lenses and mirrors with high reverse surfaces, consistent and accurate distance measurements can be obtained.

Small & Compact size, fits the overall appearance requirements of robots

The height of the scanning optical area of RPLIDAR S2 is only 18mm, which make it easy to be embedded.

High compatibility

RPLIDAR S2 shares the same interface port with A series RPLIDARs. Existing products can upgrade to RPLIDAR S2 seamlessly without the need of changing hardware or software design.

IP65 proof level

IP65 proof level, combined with a cover to protect its interior mechanism from external interference, which provides a stable working environment and meets the industrial application.


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